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It’s mostly about yoga but will include ideas about life on and off the mat.

It’s answering questions that I’ve been asked.

It’s information on yoga poses and breathing techniques.

It’s a collection of experiences, knowledge, and opinions.

Some of it will be silly, some serious, some thought provoking.

Sometimes you just have to write it out. Hope you enjoy and join in on the conversation!

Namaste my friends.

How to Open Stiff Shoulders – Inversion Free

How to Open Stiff Shoulders – Inversion Free

Welcome to this shoulder opening practice addressing arm positions found in Warrior 1, Downward Facing Dog, Cow Face, and Eagle by working on Flexibility in the chest, armpits, and shoulders. Want Music?...

Yoga ‘A-ha’ moments; ever have one?

Yoga ‘A-ha’ moments; ever have one?

Have you ever had an ‘A-ha’ moment during your yoga practice?
Don’t worry if you didn’t. Not every yoga practice is a life changing moment but instead builds moments to a life change.

Inversion Free Creative Vinyasa Flow

Inversion Free Creative Vinyasa Flow

Missing that creative spark in your Vinyasa Flow?
It stinks to find yourself stagnant and uninspired in your yoga practice; especially if you’re Inversion Free.

Yoga for Mental Focus and Concentration

Over active or fuzzy brain got you down? This yoga class will help mental focus and concentration by using pranayama and a short but energized Vinyasa flow all under 15 minutes.

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