About Holly R Jahn

First off and Most Importantly:  You CAN do yoga; you can modify without feeling judged, you can take things to the next level and that you can manage all this at your own pace.  Yoga is accessible to everyone and I hope to present it in a way thats warm and welcoming.  I knowyoure not flexible right? ALL THE MORE REASON TO DO YOGA . Just sayin 🙂

Yoga Certifications and Training … 

Yoga Alliance certified since 2011

YACEP Certified

RYT 500 and a student of life!

Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, New Jersey, USA/200 hr Vinyasa/Hatha

Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India/500 hr Vinyasa/Hatha

Shanti Atma Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand/100 hr Yin Yoga

Now, more about me, what & how I teach, and what to expect in my classes….  

Ive been dancing since the age of 3, which naturally led to teaching dance, choreographing, and performing.  Not too long after graduating college (BFA in Dance, Rutgers University) I began teaching dance and added yoga and Pilates.  This means Ive been teaching movement for a combination of 25+ years internationally in the US, the Caribbean, and in Asia.

What I teach:  Vinyasa Flow with an influence of Hatha and Ashtanga.  I also teach Yin Yoga.  (Gotta have balance.)    

Intuitive Flows:    Generally speaking, my flow classes have an organic’ feel to them. What does organic’ feel mean? Basically, one posture leads into the next without any awkward changes in body position or energy flow. The class structure starts with centering and a warm up which builds up to the peak of the practice.  From there, the energy starts to wind down to end in everyones favorite pose:  Savasana aka Corpse Pose.  

Breath/Movement Coordination:  This is the bread and butter of the practiceconnecting your movements with your breath does take a little time to understand and get used to but once you do.wowtheres nothing like it. I instruct to inhale on certain movements and to exhale on others, this is a guide and my pacing may not match up with yours. Its more important to follow your own breath pattern. 

My class is not an aerobics class:   If youre looking for a hard core, fast paced, 1000 vinyasa fitness class.my style might not be for you.  You will work your body; theres lots of potential to work up a sweat and to increase your heart rate but it wont be with 1000 vinyasasinstead poses are held for a little longer than one breath so you can actually FEEL the pose; thus creating that internal heat. Sometimes the flow is continuous creating a more dance-like flow and sometimes the flow is more static where you stay for 5+ breathsdepends on the focus of the class.  

Detailed instruction:  Part of my charm is that I explain the poses and the alignment in detail. My dance background covering about 35+ years of my life in performing, teaching, and choreographing provides priceless knowledge of movement that I love to share with others.  This doesnt make me super different than others because there are many other dancer/yogis.  BUTthis means that I have a deep understanding of the mechanics of poses and the transitions between poses.  Ive experienced many aches, pains, and injuries which have helped me learn how to avoid repeating these issues.  My goal and my hope is to teach people how to move efficiently avoiding injury and keep our bodies moving for a very long time.   

My Voice:  Ive been told my voice is soothing and authenticso theres that too. Go me!  

If you’re interested in my Live In-Person classes:

My Live classes are Multi-level:  Because my teaching experience with drop-in classes, I have this awesome skill of teaching multi-level classes. Not easy when there are yoga novices on the mat next to yoga practitioners of over 10 or 20 years. I offer many options during the class and offer to anyone to modify or deepen their practice as they feel fit.  After all, it is YOUR practice, YOUR body, which I am not experiencing. So do what feels the best for you, on that day, at that moment to connect to your body and feed your soul. 

During my live classes, I tap into my intuition to provide a class thats authentic to the energy and vibe of the class on that day. Often I come to a class prepared with a plan but many times the vibe or ability of the class doesnt match with what Ive planned. C’est la vie; youve got to go with the flow… 

That was a lot of info and I hope, if youve read this far, that means you are interested in what I offer as a yoga teacher.  

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries HERE


Namaste my friends, See you on the mat! 

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