Deeper Hip Opening Practice

Deeper Hip Opening Practice

Are your hips stubbornly tight?

And you’re ready for some deeper stretches?

So your hips can feel unrestricted & open?

Explore poses to enhance flexibility & leave your hips joyfully relaxed.
Say goodbye to stiffness & hello to relaxation as you’re guided through this flow.

We’ll take our time in each pose, so you can really feel what’s happening and explore the depth of your hips.

We’ll try out different variations of poses to help wake up different parts of your hip muscles.
We’ll also skip the regular pigeon pose and instead, try some creative poses that keep things interesting.

The focus is on flexibility of the muscles of the hip joint including the hip flexors, inner thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

After this hip-opening adventure, you’ll leave with
hips that feel light, relaxed, and ready to take on the world!


🌟 Good for Experienced Levels.
🧱 Props are helpful but optional.

See you on the mat 💖

Side Note:

Practicing in my garden opens us up to nature at it’s finest. Including birds, monkeys, my neighbors doing their thing, flies saying hello and of course, Dogs Barking.

I’ve done my best to clean up the sound so it’s not too distracting without taking out the birds. You’ll get a glimpse into what it sounds like to live in Southern Sri Lanka. 😉


Enjoy! Be well.
Remember to breathe.
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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Inversion Free Friends!!
I’ve created the Head Over Heart Yoga FB group providing you with valuable trainings on the exact steps on how to transform to be confidently Inversion Free.  See you there!

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Detox Yoga Body and Mind

Detox Yoga Body and Mind

Inversion Free Opt. – 47 min

Enjoy this slower paced detox yoga practice for both body and mind. This practice will focus on the physical body and the energy centers to refresh ourselves and to release stagnant energy.

✨ All levels welcome.
✨ I’ll be doing this inversion free but you do you.
✨ Grab props for an inversion free practice: blocks, bolster, pillows, blankets, and a wall or a chair.

A slower practice awards us the time to let the body and energy release any tension or stagnant energy. By slowing down a little, we can really pay attention to not only the physical alignment but to our mental, emotional, and energetic state.

I invite you to take notice of any thoughts or feelings that come up without judgement. When one comes up, determine if it’s true and if it supports you positively. If the answer is no, allow it to release; release through your exhale, your sweat, or you can imagine tossing it out with your movement.

Stagnant energy sometimes reveals itself as emotions either during the practice or afterwards. If you notice a change in your emotional state, it’s okay, allow yourself to experience it. This is just the stagnant energy releasing to create space for new energy to come in.

  Enjoy! Be well. 
  Remember to breathe. 
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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