Morning Flow Class Bundle



Ready to rise & shine with Inversion Free Yoga Goodness?

Start your mornings on the right (or left) foot with this exclusive 6-class bundle,
thoughtfully designed to be your daily companion.
Each day brings a unique class, ensuring your week is filled with tailored yoga goodness,
and, the 7th day is reserved just for you to chill.

It’s time to unroll your mat and embrace the unique adventure that awaits you each morning.

Morning Flow Class Bundle

Stretches for blissful sleep #1

Grounded & Sturdy

Begin your day with this intentional practice to foster a sense of connection and stability. This practice focuses on the legs, hips, and shoulders, emphasizing extended holds in lower body stretches for a deep, soothing experience. The deliberate 10-breath per pose approach allows you to create a sturdiness within you promoting balance, leaving you feeling grounded, open, and ready to deal with an unstable world.

Sleep 2

Wake Up Shake

Brighten your morning with this dynamic practice that begins with a lively shake-off of the sleepies. “Wake Up Shake” guides you through a series of energizing movements, stimulating blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and igniting your energy, ensuring a vibrant and productive start to your day.

sleep 3


Elevate your morning with a revitalizing practice designed to awaken your senses, body, and mind. This moderate flow seamlessly integrates balance, strength, and flexibility, providing benefits both on and off the mat, ensuring you step into your day bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Sleep 4

Clear the Cobwebs

Eliminate morning fuzziness with a rejuvenating practice that promotes clarity of thought, allowing your confidence to radiate. This moderate flow incorporates a curated selection of hip openers, twists, and folds, dissolving stiffness from both body and mind, ensuring you step into the day with a renewed sense of readiness and zeal.

Sleep 6

Centering Vinyasa

Reconnect with the essence of your being with this creatively structured and moderately paced practice designed to strengthen your core and foster alignment. Feel centered and prepared for the day ahead, embodying a calm and collected presence as you move through this energizing vinyasa flow

Sleep 5

Energize Your Morning

Add some zest to your morning your morning with this dynamic and challenging practice designed to enhance your strength, flexibility, and mental agility.
Push your boundaries with this invigorating flow, and you’ll undoubtedly get a pep in your step, setting the tone for a vibrant and energetic day ahead.

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