Open Heart, Open Hips Vinyasa Flow

Open Heart, Open Hips Vinyasa Flow

Inversion Free Opt. in 25 min

Are you in need of some release in your heart and hips?

This 25 min Open Heart, Open Hips Vinyasa Flow with Inversion Free Options works to open these emotional centers of the body for full release.

Opening the heart and opening the hips may seem disjointed in their connectivity but in fact, they are intrinsically connected.
The hips help us literally move forward in life, one step at a time. When we feel fear or another emotion that holds us back, the hips may reveal this with physical aches and pains.
The heart center encompasses our chest, upper back, shoulders and armpits, and arms. When we experience heartache or loss of any kind, any of these areas could develop pain just like the hips can.


I’ll be performing this practice Inversion Free but you do you.

👉 No props needed unless you want ‘em.
(Inversion free friends – use them for Savasana)
🌟 Good for Experienced Level.
🌟 Good for Seasoned Level.

You may experience some emotions arise during or after this practice. Be kind to yourself if emotions come up that you weren’t expecting. Spend time with it to allow them to fully release. You’ll feel lighter afterward.

 Enjoy! Be well. 
 Remember to breathe. 
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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