Warm Up Your Body with Yoga – 5 min

Warm Up Your Body with Yoga – 5 min

Warm Up Your Body with Yoga

5 min is all you need to get the body warm!


Why use yoga to warm up your body?

To wake up your muscles & fascia for better function and to connect with your breathing.
👉Use this as a stand alone practice OR use it before another type of workout!

Constant movement, like in this practice, creates warmth by moving the energy around the body. This wakes up parts that were stagnant and relieves tension from areas that were over stimulated—in other words, it creates energy balance.

As you move through the warm up, your heart rate will slightly increase and the breath will get faster which may feel challenging as it quickens.
It’s okay — when you are warmed up, the breath, although at a faster pace, feels less labored.

NOTE: Feeling ‘out of breath’ means you may be pushing too hard.

Intense stretches are avoided in this warm up as those types of stretches tend to come after warming up; so when we do stretch, move mindfully and stay shallow in the stretch.

Afterward you can easily move directly onto a cardio workout, another yoga practice, weight lifting, or any other physical activity that requires warming up!

Props needed:

Opt. Blocks

Asana Modification Video Suggestions:

 Enjoy! Be well.
Remember to breathe.
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼