So Hum – 7 Minutes

So Hum – 7 Minutes

So Hum;

a 7 min breathing meditation

If you’re feeling lonely, lost or need to focus your mind,
Using So Hum mantra is the ideal technique to quiet the mind and provides a greater sense of connection to self and to universal energy.
This short 7 minute meditation is a great way to start your journey with So Hum if you haven’t tried it before or if you only have a few minutes for yourself.

A little more about this “So Hum” meditation

If you’re unfamiliar, So Hum is a repeated mantra that translates in English to “I Am That’.  In this case, “that” refers to all of creation or the universe.

Mentally, mantras are a technique to focus the mind.

On the spiritual level, when you repeat this mantra, you are essentially connecting to universal energy which continually nourishes and supports us.

So, this mantra combined with your breath is wonderful to use anytime you’re feeling lonely, lost or need to focus your mind.

I’ve provided two options for you in this breathing meditation.
If you’re uncomfortable using the Sanskrit term, “So Hum”, then use the English translation, “I am”. Oh, and by the way — it’s okay if you don’t resonate with the mantra; it is simply a technique to focus the mind and slow the thoughts for a better connection to yourself.