Yin-Yasa Detox



Step into a world of rejuvenation with this Yin-Yasa Detox practice –
a unique fusion of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga designed to gently detoxify both your body and mind.

Imagine a serene space where the calming essence of Yin meets the invigorating flow of Vinyasa, creating a harmonious balance for ultimate well-being.

In the tranquil energy of Yin Yoga, find stillness and allow yourself to experience a subtle yet profound release.
As you linger in each posture, your body undergoes a gentle tugging, promoting openness and a sense of calm.
This calmness becomes a canvas for the detoxification of your thoughts and emotions, a therapeutic journey within.

Transition seamlessly into the dynamic “Yang” phase with Vinyasa, where movement takes center stage.
Feel the energy build as your body gracefully flows through poses, encouraging blood circulation and the release of internal toxins.

This invigorating sequence complements the stillness of Yin Yoga, offering a holistic detox experience that leaves you refreshed, renewed, and aligned.

Enjoy the Yin-Yasa Detox practice, where the power of balance unfolds on the mat, and wellness comes to the forefront.


Props Needed:

Blocks, Bolster or Pillows for Savasana;

Enjoy! Be well.
Remember to breathe.
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼