Soothing Stillness;
15-Minute Yin Yoga to Unwind & Release



Enjoy this rejuvenating 15-minute Yin Yoga practice designed to help you unwind and release.

In this unique class, you can embrace the power of simplicity, offering just three carefully selected poses that allow you to sink into a profound state of relaxation. 

It’s not just about the physicality; it’s about creating the perfect space for your mind and soul to exhale, letting go of the accumulated tension from the hustle of daily life.

As you surrender into each pose, you’ll find yourself shedding not only physical tightness but also the weight of worries and stresses. 

This short but impactful practice goes beyond the mat, providing you with the precious time and opportunity to reconnect with yourself. 

Affirmations are woven seamlessly into the practice, acting as gentle reminders to support your mental and emotional release. 

Relax into this brief yet transformative Yin Yoga experience – where in just 15 minutes, you’ll emerge feeling lighter, aligned, and ready to embrace the serenity that comes from within.


Props Needed:

Blocks, Bolster or Pillows for Savasana;
👉 Grab more than you think you’ll need

Your affirmations from this practice for reference:

 ✨I trust in the process of life.

✨I let go of everything that gets in the way, keeping me from my true path.✨

Enjoy! Be well.
Remember to breathe.
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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