Blissful Sleep Class Bundle



Time to Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep & Wake Up Refreshed

This bundle of 6 classes provides a comprehensive solution to balance your energy with both soothing passive practices and tension-releasing active practices ensuring a holistic approach to promote better sleep.  

After one practice you could wake up refreshed tomorrow!

Blissful Sleep Class Bundle

Stretches for blissful sleep #1

Focus on the Hips

Hip openers help you let go of tension through the lower body. By moving through these 6 gentle stretches and holding them while you focus on your breath, once you get to Savasana, sleep won’t be so elusive.

Sleep 2

Release Back Tension

Tension tends to build up throughout our backs, especially the lower back.  This luxurious practice releases back tension with these Yin style poses which will be held in stillness helping you focus on your breath and settle down the nervous system for a better night’s sleep.

sleep 3

Whole Body Stretch

Combining stillness with minimal gentle movement in this class allows for calming the body and mind as well as releasing stiffness. You’ll get a nice stretch through the entire body allowing you to relax for a blissful night’s sleep.

Sleep 4

Unwind with Twists & Hip Stretches

Sometimes, being slightly more active allows the excess energy to release to ease yourself out of stress mode. Attention the the hips and back are the main focus in this practice but the upper body gets some love as well.

This class was designed to be done on your mat and you will be gently woken up from Savasana at the end.

Sleep 5

Gentle But Active Chest & Shoulder Opening

This gentle practice combines stillness with some movement while focusing on opening the chest and shoulders to release extra tension you may be holding from your day. 
This class was designed to do on your mat as it uses props like a chair.

Sleep 6

Decompress & Reconnect

Decompress after your day with these four poses that make up the entirety of this simple calming practice so you can take the time to settle down and reconnect with yourself.
It is designed to do in bed so you can drift off to sleep without disturbing your energy.
Prop up your pillows, get comfy, and breathe.