Ready to slap someone silly?

Because you just. can’t. even. right now…

Everyone & everything is getting under your skin, but deep down, 
you know violence isn’t the answer.
We all have those days – hormones or not – where anger takes over. 🌋

Although yoga won’t solve ALL your problems…
It can help flush out heated emotions 🔥
And cultivate more compassion

By moving!

Here’s the (not so woo-woo) explanation:

Our emotional energy can be shifted by using our bodies to expend that heated, angry, irritated energy.

Simple, right? 💁‍♀️  

Remember that feeling of wanting to slap someone silly?  
This is the EXACT energy I’m talking about…the anger builds up and our bodies want to express that with a slap-fest.  

Of course, there’s a better way to express anger…
and one way is doing a vinyasa class that forces you to:

Challenge your balance 🤸‍♀️
Physically heat you up 🔥
Refocus your thoughts on what you CAN control
Encourage lots of exhaling 😮‍💨

In this practice, there’s a lot of heart opening which helps get rid of some of the irritation that opens us up for more compassion.

Remember; it’s okay that you get irritated and frustrated and angry in life. 
It’s also okay to surrender to that and allow it to flow through you so that you can make space for new energy. 

And that’s what we’re trying to do in this vinyasa yoga flow.

Ready to transform that slap-happy energy into zen? 

Join me on the mat! 💖

P.S. I do this without going upside down – but you do you! 

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful practice we call yoga with me. 

Happy yoga-ing!




🌟 Good for Experienced Levels

Enjoy! Be well. Remember to breathe. 🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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