~ Learn how to move through Sun Salutations without going upside down. ~

Want to stay head over heart while you practice AND participate like everyone else?  

Or are you a yoga teacher that wants to help students that can’t do inversions due to health restrictions?

Have you been wanting to dive deeper into how to adjust sun salutations to avoid going upside down…either for yourself or for your students…

…So that there’s no disruption to the energy flow or risking anyone’s health? 

Sun Salutations are a staple in most active yoga classes
and if you can’t go upside down,
you’re left out and singled out
because you’ll be sitting out. 

In this 75 minute workshop, I will walk you through the many options of how to maneuver through 3 different Sun Salutations all while keeping the head in-line or above the heart so that you can stay safe and fully participate in your classes.

This is a workshop that is suitable for any level as well as for yoga teachers who are curious about teaching inversion free variations of sun salutations.

Once you experience the workshop, could you kindly share a review in the Head Over Heart Yoga Facebook group or if you’re not a member of the group, please email it to hollyrjahnyoga@gmail.com ?

Thank you so much for joining me on this inversion free ride.  
I hope to see you on the mat again soon.