Techniques to Refine Your Balancing Skills

Learn techniques to refine, strengthen, and improve your standing balances.

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Balance poses are a staple in many yoga classes
as they offer a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional benefits
that cannot be overlooked.

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Benefits of Balances

We’ll discover the extraordinary profound holistic benefits that lie beyond mere physical strength and stability in standing balance poses.

Tips & Tricks for Better Balance

We’ll cover everything you need to know to effortlessly glide through poses with poise and grace, all while maintaining a grounded connection and steering clear of any inversions.

Asana Breakdown

We’ll break down a few standing balance poses together and implement the techniques so you can apply them immediately.

How You Will Develop

🌴 Physical strength is important but you’ll learn why you need more than just physical strength to nail your balance poses.

🌴 Discover exhilarating techniques to strengthen your standing balances.

🌴 How to master balance poses with mindset techniques.

🌴 Why balance poses have more benefits than just physical strength & stability.

🌴 Conquer balance poses like a pro and boost your confidence.

🌴 Unravel the secrets behind balance struggles & how to avoid them.

🌴 We will implement these powerful techniques together with pose breakdowns.

🌴 You will be able to implement these techniques immediately in your next practice

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will empower you to explore new possibilities and experience the freedom that comes with mindful movement.

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What You Get

75 Minute Live Workshop
Replay for 30 Days
Q & A
1-on-1 Call
Access to resources to strengthen your standing balance poses

*Please Note*
This workshop is purely for standing poses;
there will not be any coverage on poses like handstand, arm balances, or
any balance poses that go upside down.

Techniques to Refine Your Balancing Skills