Empower Your Inversion Free Practice: Master Sun Salutations

Learn how to move through Sun Salutations without going upside down.

Sun Salutations are a staple in most active yoga classes…
…if you can’t go upside down,
you’re left out and singled out
because you’ll be sitting out.


Asana Breakdown

Each asana within the sun salutation flow will be broken down to explore and experiment with how to modify them to suit your inversion aversion.

Effective Prop Usage

Using props is an essential part of practicing without inversions. Not only are they supportive but they keep your head up – literally!  Non-prop options will be covered as well.

Transition Breakdown

You’ll learn how to flow seamlessly through your sun salutations by breaking down the numerous creative transitions available.

***REPLAY: Since this was a live event, please purchase the workshop, follow the instructions and email to let Holly know that you have booked.***

How You Will Develop

☀️ You’ll learn how to modify each pose within the flow to keep the head as the highest point and explore a variety of ways to transition through your sun salutations with ease.

☀️ You will learn how to use props effectively to support inversion restrictions within the sun salutations.

☀️ By learning these variations, you will have powerful tools to help you take control of your time on the mat and not have to rely on an instructor who might not have options for you. 

☀️ Yoga teachers will walk away with a whole new skill set to help students who may avoid going upside down.

☀️ We’ll practice each variation together to solidify the sequences. 

☀️ By practicing together, you’ll have the opportunity to experience and explore the variations that feel the best for you.

☀️ With the combination of learning the how, practicing together, and discussion you will walk away with a new way of approaching your sun salutations and adding to your ‘yoga toolbox’.

☀️ You will be able to implement these variations immediately in your next practice.

☀️ Ultimately, by learning your options and moving through them, you will develop confidence and feel empowered as you take control of your yoga practice with the asana alternatives.  

☀️ Since you’ll know your options, you won’t have to rely on anyone else to make adjustments for you.  

☀️ No more trepidation around the possibility of the instructor coming up to you – you can tell them “Thank you but I got this”.

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What You Get

75 Minute Live Workshop

Replay for 30 Days



Q & A

1:1 Call after workshop

Empower Your Inversion Free Practice: Master Sun Salutations