Yoga Practitioners that Don’t Go Upside Down!

Do you want the freedom to be able to continue your practice safely?

But don’t know how to modify common inverted poses
wind up sitting out of half the class
feel like you have to quit yoga?

 Learn How to Avoid Going Upside Down to continue practicing yoga safely &

fully participate in your classes!

Even if you’ve been doing YouTube Videos

What Will You Get?

Clear instruction on how to modify & adjust common inverted poses.

Effective Prop Usage

Workshop classes to practice your modifications & to become more comfortable with the adjustments.

Downloadable Comprehensive Yoga Asana Reference Book

There is a way to stay active on your mat without abandoning inspiration, creativity or your health…

You’ll be able to…

Stay Active on Your Mat


Fully Participate in the Classes You Love

Personalize Your Practice

Relieve stress & tension safely.

Be in control of your time on the mat.

This How to Be Inversion Free Course will help you discover what it means to be inversion free; why it’s important to modify poses, how to work them into your practice to create your unique options and empower you to take these options into any class.

Take what you learn in this course & implement it right away!

How You Will Develop

🪷 Instruction by an experienced instructor who works with the inversion free community.

🪷 Be in control of your practice & avoid awkward convos with teachers

🪷 Learn how to modify common poses & sequences safely

🪷 Be able to implement alternative poses & variations that provide similar benefits as inverted poses.

🪷 Learn how to adapt traditional yoga sequences, such as sun salutations, to stay head over heart.

🪷 Easy to follow video instruction that you can implement immediately. 

🪷 Implement modifications & adjustments effectively with or without props.

🪷 Be at peace because now you don’t have to give up your yoga practice!

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Continue Practicing Yoga With 100% Participation

Just because you don’t go upside down, doesn’t mean you have to sit out half the time.  Re-imagine it instead and learn to practice safely keeping your head in-line or above your heart.

Half Moon Balance

Learn to Modify Common Inverted Poses

Learning how to modify inversions empowers you to take control of your yoga practice so you can practice anywhere with anyone.

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Guidance From a Qualified Teacher

Many yoga instructors want to help you but they just don’t have the skill set for your needs. Be confident you’re safe as this workshop is led by an experienced inversion free teacher.

What Others Have to Say…

What You Get

– 9 Modules of Asana Modifications & Adjustments

– 6 Practice Your Modifications Workshop Classes

– Comprehensive 60+ page Yoga Asana Reference Manual

– 30 day Guarantee

– Lifetime Access

Do you want the freedom to be able to continue your practice safely?


Stay active on your mat, Personalize your practice, Fully participate in your classes

How to Be Inversion Free Course

Three Core Steps to Become Confidently Inversion Free

Learn the Alternatives

Empower yourself by learning modifications and alternatives to inverted poses so that you can stay head over heart and confidently step onto your mat without going upside down.

Experiment and Explore

Refine your practice and discover what feels best for you and your body within a full class structure so that you can get comfy with your unique alternatives.

Solidify Your Transformation

Unleash the power of your refined asana alternatives and embrace the freedom to do yoga confidently and safely anywhere, anytime, with anyone so that you can evolve your practice without limits!