Yoga Teachers!

Do you want the knowledge & confidence to teach students who can’t invert?

But don’t know how to modify common inverted poses
are tired of searching the internet for answers
you want to help your students stay safe?

Discover techniques to safely teach students
with glaucoma, vertigo, cardiac conditions, blood pressure issues, etc.
ensuring they don’t go upside down.

Enroll in the How to Be Inversion Free Course for Teachers
& Learn how to teach head over heart,
without straying too far from the traditional poses.

Apply it to any style of mat yoga
Cater to a wider range of students
YACEP Designation

What Will You Learn?

  • Instruction by an experienced instructor who works with the inversion free community.
  • Deepen your understanding of the target students.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the needs & challenges faced by inversion-free students.
  • Provide a safe & inclusive environment for students who are unable or uncomfortable inverting.
  • Build a diverse skill set by learning safe techniques for students with specific health issues.
  • Be able to offer alternative poses & variations that provide similar benefits as inverted poses.
  • Learn how to adapt traditional yoga sequences, such as sun salutations, to cater to students without inverted poses.
  • Implement modifications & adjustments effectively with or without props.
  • Prepares you so you will be able to assist your students in any style of mat yoga.  (Excluding aerial yoga/partner yoga/acro yoga)
  • Get certification to confidently & safely teach yoga to individuals who cannot or choose not to practice inverted poses, including guidance on pranayama and bandhas.
  • You will be equipped to teach a safe and inspiring class as soon as you complete the training.

There is a way to offer personalized guidance & support, fostering stronger student-teacher relationships with your students that don’t invert…

The way to be fully supportive starts here…

You’ll be able to…

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Provide effective modifications & variations so students can fully participate.

Just because they don’t go upside down, doesn’t mean they have to sit out half the time nor lose all the benefits of the poses.  Learn the techniques of how to provide similar benefits without compromising safety or effectiveness.

Half Moon Balance

Keep them in your class

Learning how to modify inversions and adapting sequences empowers you to address your yoga students’ individual needs and limitations confidently so they feel nurtured, included, and so they can keep up with everyone else.  Otherwise, they may stop coming!


Create a balanced & engaging class experience

Removing inverted poses from a yoga class can impact the overall balance and flow of the practice. Learning ways to create engaging & fulfilling classes that still offer a comprehensive and well-rounded experience for students who don’t invert is essential for a positive experience because they often feel restricted to seated stretches.

Course Contents:

The course builds towards creating full length classes with the modifications & adjustments to inverted poses as well as being prepared if you have an unexpected inversion free student. You will walk away with the tools of how to adjust common inverted poses and potential inversions (like child’s pose) so that you can confidently and safely guide your students. This means by the end of the course you will be ready to offer modifications and adjustments as well as lead an inversion free class.

The course is a mixture of:

  • Well-produced video tutorials & practices

  • Lecture on what to expect with your potential inversion free students 

  • Assignments for each module with personalized feedback.

  • Self-paced with lifetime access so you can take your time to absorb the material.

Course Goals

  • To certify you to teach people who can’t go upside down in yoga safely.
  • To familiarize you with what it means to be inversion free.
  • To provide effective modifications & alternatives of inverted asanas for you to implement into your classes.
  • To learn how to implement the modifications & alternatives safely with & without props.
  • To develop the skills needed to confidently & safely guide your students to stay head over heart.
  • To be able to create a safe, balanced & engaging class experience for these specific individuals.
  • Upon completion & meeting the course requirements, you will earn 6.25 non-contact CE Hours with Yoga Alliance.

Do you want to elevate your skills to confidently teach your students who don’t invert?

Provide Effective Modifications & Variations,
Confidently & Safely Guide Your Students,
And Create A Balanced & Engaging Class Experience.

Three Core Steps to Become Confidently Inversion Free

Learn the Alternatives

Empower yourself by learning modifications and alternatives to inverted poses so that you can stay head over heart and confidently step onto your mat without going upside down.

Experiment and Explore

Refine your practice and discover what feels best for you and your body within a full class structure so that you can get comfy with your unique alternatives.

Solidify Your Transformation

Unleash the power of your refined asana alternatives and embrace the freedom to do yoga confidently and safely anywhere, anytime, with anyone so that you can evolve your practice without limits!