Healing from an illness or sore muscles?

And craving some yogic self-care?

So you can feel balanced & more like yourself?

Designed to provide comfort and restoration,
this 20 min practice will aid in the replenishment of balance and energy within you.

Life’s challenges sometimes leave us feeling drained, whether it’s recovering from an illness or soothing sore muscles.

Often what comes with illness or soreness is the tendency of staying still which can lead to an achy lower body and back. So, if you’ve been sedentary for extended periods, this practice gently rekindles life and energy in those areas. Say goodbye to stiffness as you welcome a renewed sense of movement and flexibility as you recover.

We begin with a calming meditation, gently opening the door to inner healing. Through intentional connection with your breath, you’ll create a nurturing space for self-care and introspection.

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or seeking relief for sore muscles, each motion is a purposeful step towards renewal while promoting an environment of calm rejuvenation, supporting you on your path to wellness.

Let’s flow towards recovery and wellness together.


🌟 Good for All. (Beginners welcome)
🪷 Inversion Free

See you on the mat 💖

Enjoy! Be well.
Remember to breathe.
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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