Are you an over thinker?
Get out of your head & into your body…

Is there too much swirling around in your head and you can’t quite calm it down?
Does stress have your thoughts all intertwined into a tangled mess?

Wouldn’t be awesome to take a break from this tornado of stressful energy?

In a way that brings you to the present moment and calms you down?

Move your body and breathe!


🔑 Movement brings you to the present moment giving you relief from stress and overthinking of the past and future.
🔑 While focusing on your movements and breath, you give your thoughts a break.
🔑 Engaging your senses, like breath awareness, redirects your thoughts.
🔑 Lower body work leads to feeling grounded; safe, secure, and stable allowing the whirlwind of thoughts to slow down.

Get into your body and out of your head in this 25 min
Grounding Leg Opening Yoga Flow.

Enjoy! Be well. 
  Remember to breathe. 
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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