Inversion Free Opt. & Wrist Friendly

Need to warm up or cool down?
Or maybe you need a refresh for your body to get your focus back…
Or maybe you’re just feeling like a gentle, self-love stretch session…

I hear ya!

I don’t know about you but my back and hamstrings are almost always in dire need of
some self-love stretching.
These simple but effective stretches incorporate these areas perfectly without too much effort
10 minutes is a sweet spot for stretching;
It’s just enough time to provide a gentle opening.

🖐 Wrist Friendly ?? There are no poses where there’s a lot of weight on the wrists, however, there is gripping and grabbing. So if you have tender wrists or hands, be gentle with them.

✨ Inversion Free ?? If you are inversion free — make sure when we lie down, that you prop so your head is the highest point as I did not perform this practice that way.


👉 No props needed, unless you want ‘em.
🌟 Good for ALL Levels.
✨ Inversion Free means no downward facing dog, no head stand, no poses where the head goes below the heart. Great for those with glaucoma, cardiac issues, vertigo, acid reflux, or if you just don’t like going upside down.

Enjoy! Be well. 
Remember to breathe. 
🙏🏼Namaste my friends🙏🏼

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