Home practice No make up No hair styling No fuss Just me, my breath and my mat.

Starting a home practice can be difficult.  Some tips to help you get on your mat and into your practice.
  • Create a welcoming environment with as little distraction as possible.  Only have what you might need for your practice; mat or mats, block, strap, pillows, bolsters, music, etc.  If wall hangings, plants or statues are inspiration for you, add them. If you have limited space, make the best of it.  You really only need a space that’s about 2ft x 6ft.  
    • A note on this:  I find for myself, if the mat and props can stay where I like it, without having to set it up and break it down every time I want to practice; I’m more likely to practice.  
  • Put the devices away.   You don’t need your tablet and your phone and your laptop and your mp3 player.  If you are streaming a yoga class or are using your device for music that’s cool.  Be mindful and just use it for that—no Facebook, no Instagram, no texting; you get the idea.  
  • Schedule the time for yourself.  It may take a while to figure out what time of day works for you.  And once you find it…it may change.  Several times.  ‘Cause, you know, life happens.  Allow yourself the flexibility to adjust the time but always show up for it.   
Once you manage to get on your mat, then what?   You might find that you get on the mat and just sit there…or you might get on the mat and notice you want/need a pedicure (true story).  Maybe you just stay in downward facing dog for a while, or childs pose, maybe you do sun salutations until your arms drop off…no worries because…


This is the start of creating your home practice…just keep getting on your mat consistently and you will find your way.  Trust the process and trust your intuition.  Once you get started you may find yourself lost in exploration which is so flippin’ awesome! How do you know what to do? If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, in person or online, you can use that as reference for your home practice. Taking a class from someone else can inspire more asanas or creative flows that maybe you didn’t think of; it’s ok to use those and play.  

**Keep in mind:  Yoga is not a competitive sport.**

The point is not to be more flexible or do a better arm balance than the bendy people that you saw online…it’s to get familiar with your own body & breath, to calm your mind, use your body and gain all around health.  Once you really get into your practice then use those bendy people as inspiration instead of an intention of being better than someone else.  Ego can creep up when you least expect it.   There’s a quote from ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov that expresses this idea; 

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.”  

This rings true to any achievement you strive for just replace “dance” with your goal of choice.   MEDITATION PRACTICE If meditation is more your style or you want to incorporate more meditation in your life, then do it.  Set up a comfy place to sit upright so you’re less likely to fall asleep.  SET A TIMER.
  • Start off small if you’re just starting out in your meditation practice….30 seconds is good if you’re not used to sitting still.  Build your tolerance from there.  Baby steps.
  • Your eyes can be open slightly or closed.  Whichever is more comfortable and whichever offers less distractions. If you chose open eyes, focus on either the tip of your nose or something low in front of you.  This offers less distraction and better focus. 
  • Your mind WILL wonder.  It’s what minds do.  The purpose of meditation isn’t to void all thoughts.  Honestly, if you did that, you might be brain dead—yikes!  Instead, observe what comes up; random thoughts, distractions, love, hate, annoyance, peacefulness, memories, etc. 
    • A note on this: You are not your thoughts…let them pass.  If tears, laughter or other reactions come up; experience them…it will pass.  
  • My favorite type of meditation is focusing on the breath but there are SO many different types of meditation out there.  I encourage you to explore and find what resonates with you.  
Enjoy your exploration on your mat!