I get this question a lot.  

The short answer,  it depends. 


Yoga isn’t just the physical practice; there’s 7 other limbs of the ‘yoga tree’. 

But we’ll get to that in another Blog post.


The longer answer goes like this:

Since Yoga isn’t just a physical practice, yes, I practice yoga everyday but in different aspects.  

Sometimes it’s 5 min of meditation in the simple form of sitting still and breathing or listening to music that inspires me.  

Sometimes it’s lifting weights. The breath-movement coordination in this activity is just as soothing to the mind as a yoga asana practice.  Plus it helps keep ‘yoga butt’ at bay. 

On some days, I practice some kriyas (cleansing); oil pulling, neti pot, etc. 

If my body and spirit need rest, I take it.  

I am intuitive with myself and on most days, I do what it asks me to do;  a full yoga practice, planks, a ballet barre, dancing in the kitchen; whatever my body calls for, I do.  Just the other day, I started with a series of planks, moved into shoulder stand and headstand, then did a ballet barre.  Yesterday, I did nothing.  My body, my mind, my emotions needed a day to just chill.

Now, if you are working toward a goal, consistency is needed within your practice.  In order to get your body and mind to understand, repetition is the way to discovery.  Nuances reveal themselves within poses the more you do them.

Other ways to practice yoga: 

Being mindful and aware of the present moment is yoga.  

Taking a deep breath and really feeling it, is yoga.

Feeling the breeze, sunlight, or raindrops on your skin is yoga.  

Spending time in nature or with animals is yoga.  

Doing what brings you a sense of wholeness or connection to the universe, planet, society, a partner or friend and mostly yourself, is yoga.  

You’ll know when this happens — a surge of energy comes through the body and mind, mood improves, you may feel like you want to tackle a huge project. 

Happy yoga-ing!