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Are you adverse to inversions?

Did your doctor tell you “no more inversions?”

Or maybe you just don’t like to go upside down in your practice?

Do you have a current yoga practice, but can’t, won’t, or just don’t wanna go upside down?

All my yoga flows are intuitive with emphasis on breath & movement coordination, alignment, and clear instruction so the body and mind can gain balance, focus, strength, and flexibility.  No overthinking, no fluffy instruction—the only fluff belongs to my dogs that join me on the mat.

Welcome to my Inversion Free Zone! 

(Not Inversion Free?  Click here)

Where there are: 

  • NO Downward Facing Dogs
  • NO Headstands
  • NO Shoulder stands
  • NO Arm balances with the head lower than the heart.


But you’ll find:

  • Inversion Free Vinyasa Flows
  • Creative Flows
  • Inversion Free Pose Alternatives
  • Prop Usage
  • Challenging Flows 

New Classes Coming Soon!

Yoga for Menopause

Practice that focuses on the reduction of the many uncomfortable symptoms that menopause and peri-menopause can bring. Irritation, Mood Swings, Insomnia, Memory Issues ,Hot Flashes, etc. Yoga can help ease these symptoms with a consistent practice. Yin Yoga is used often to soothe many of these issues as it is a cooling practice.

Yin Yoga

To balance out a hectic mind, body and spirit. Yin allows us to take the time we need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Inversion Free Subscription Includes: 

~ Inversion Free (I.F.) Tutorial Videos to help you learn how to be inversion-free in all your yoga practices, no matter who you practice with or where you practice.

~ Inversion Free Vinyasa Yoga Video Practices for you to do in the comfort of your own home.  Best enjoyed by experienced* or seasoned* practitioners. Videos indexed by length of time, focus, and energy level.

A new practice added weekly.


Subscriber BONUS:  Get one specific yoga practice tailored per your request!

Subscription Options:

~ Subscribe to one or both.

Inversion Free for Experienced & Seasoned Practitioners 

Practices with No Downward Facing Dog, No Headstands, No Shoulder Stands, or any other poses where the head goes below the heart.  

Videos include: How to Modify Asanas & Sun Salutations, Leveled practices with different focuses and varying lengths.

Great for those with Glaucoma, Eye Issues, Heart Issues, Cardiovascular issues or those who just don’t like to go upside down.

*Yoga is the main focus with influences of Pilates, Dance, and other fitness modalities.

Vinyasa Flows for Experienced & Seasoned Practitioners.

Traditional and nontraditional Hatha Vinyasa practices that range in length, focus, and intensity.

*Yoga is the main focus with influences of Pilates, Dance, and other fitness modalities.

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